For Pepsico we developed a promotion in which Pepsi gave Lay's and Lay's gave Pepsi. Such a simple mechanic, it needed a memorable creativity.

Then the idea arose to present the ¨curious case¨ that happened to 2 sports stars (Juan Martin del Potro in tennis and Diego Buonanotte in soccer) when both, on a bad day, wished they had had another profession and their wish was he complied with both of them, exchanging their personalities.


Mysteriously, during the promotion period, they both lived in each other's body and turned to the public in viral videos and social networks, to help them return to their original state.

The promotion had an excellent result in sales and awareness and many sports media got on this story to headline their notes on the performance of the players.

The campaign won several national and international awards and the idea was so successful that it was replicated in several Latin American countries with different local celebrities.

As if all this were not enough, it was on the short-list of the Cannes festival in the Promo & Activation category.